Day 1

Happy 2011

Mista is at work, so avoided situation by waking K up, and going round my dads at 6am.
I did’nt manage to get any more sleep as my Dad woke up, But K was out like a light and did not wake untill 12pm!

My middle daughter wanted a lift to Emneth, to go see her sister, My heart sinks as to me a situation is about to arise out of my comfort zone! (I’m aware i need to take more risk’s to make my comfort zone a tiny area)
My plan now is:
A I can stay with K in dad’s house and hope he is not long! Knowing him he could be an hour as he might decide oh I’ll go shopping, or go see so&so etc… I’m not to keen on this idea, i could panic, what do i do if i panic? all these things are going through my head.
B I can go with him, i have made the trip lots of times now with Mista, I’m sure i will be ok, and it’s best to get out there in the world when ever possible. so might as well go and enjoy the ride.

I choose B was a little apprehensive, as typically of my Dad, chooses to go the odd little ways home, i had no idea where i was going, but i was ok. I relaxed and acknowledged to myself that I had pushed out of my comfort zone. And that is progress.