My Limit’s


1) I Won’t spend the night in my own house even with my 2 children  there. (I would do it with eldest daughters)

2) I struggle to walk K to school in the morning from my house. ( No longer an issue)

3) I struggle to pick  K up from school from my house.  ( No longer an issue 100%) March 2011

4) I don’t like sitting in the house with just the kids on my own, if i’m alone and panic,  i can easily run somewhere!

I can sit alone in the house with kid’s, and working on just me and K (July2011)

( No longer an issue)

5) I don’t like being on my own for to many hour’s. (Febuary 13th, I could go all day on my own, just not nights)

6) I can’t go into town on my own.

7) I don’t travel from a certain distance from my home.

There’s area’s seem so daft, but they hold me back so much.

I’m keeping this log as a list to work my way through, and a reminder of the day i get over at least one of them to look back on and say to myself

“was i really like that”?

These area’s are being worked on already, and with the help of Mista, and of course myself, as i’m the only one that can defeat this,,,I’m pushing out of my boundaries’ and going further from home.

My Goal, to walk hand in hand with Mista on the beach, with my shoe’s off, the feel of the cold sand between my toes.

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