Grrr go away

Did’t do hardly anything on Mista’s days off.

I did get closer to Skylarks, and while I was nervous the other day going Downham Market, I was good and did’t run back. Just agreed to go factory shop.

And I also went over the bridge to Kings Lynn again, and I was anxious and panicky but stuck it out.

Not going to be much chance this month and next to get out I’m guessing. So will have to make some kind of effort on the home front.

The sun is out

Finally the sun is out and we have blue sky’s. Shame Mista is at work I could have done with a ride out.

Have been feeling alittle dizzy and sore throat, so was abit anxious about coming home, but I had a lemsip and feel alittle better.

Now about to do my challenge for the day, and take my camera out to get a photo of the orchard thats recently just been pulled down near me.



I think the best option for me, is to take destination’s in steps. It certainly worked in getting me to the butterfly park in long sutton which is in fact closing soon.

It’s motivating that inner coach in yourself though, would be handy to have  a personal panic assistant with clipboard in hand, stopwatch and took the time to set you a plan out and made sure you sticked to it.

Also have been thinking of trying a challenge a day.

challenge for today was: Wanting to go back home with K but got nervous and put my panic head on, but I did’t let it get to me and I walked home with her, stomach had butterflys in it, and I just thought if i panic we are not far from dads, we will be ok, and I stuck it out, got the bikes out and we had alittle ride to hide a geocache.

Moving forward

Been having a few off days 😦 I’m sure it’s the change in the weather, the dark grey clouds looming above seem to crush me in and all I want to do is retreat into the warm house and snuggle on sofa.

Had a panic attack the other day going to west Walton, my head felt funny as soon as I woke up, and I knew where I was but then i didn’t, it was a really strange feeling.

Anyway I managed to nearly reach SkyLarks, near March this is my next destination on the Menu.

I seem to be more prepared to go down strange and new roads than I used too in the past, which is good.