Where to start…

Since Mista has been having alot of time of work i’ve been able to get around and explore more.

We recently brought a power kite as i.ve always liked the seeing the kites at the beach where you can be pulled by them, this is only a small one but it’s great fun.

And then recently we both got new smart phones, and added the Geocache app where you can go in search of caches people have left behind. this is very enjoyable and I belive has already helped me as the other day I was brave enough to attempt my step towards Kings Lynn, and once I had done the step I realised it wasn’t that bad and asked to have another go round. This time I was happy inside to see the gates that you enter to get in town and I think if it was not for the case of time was getting on and I needed to pick K up I would have attempted to get into town.

Geocaching has also led me to places you just wouldn’t wander, so all in all great fun and its proving a bonus for me 🙂

If I can remember of the top of my head new places I’ve got to are:

Fleet Hargate trying to head to Holbeach



Runcton trying to head towards Shouldham






Well done me

I’ve managed to go to all destinations that I had planned out a year ago, so now need to make new ones and also get more braver.

Since I went to Denver the other day, we thought it would be a good idea to go Stow Bardolph and try the farm, I was apprehensive so said let’s take it easy, do step by step.

Which is what we did, when I reached the farm I was unsure about going in, to me there did’t look alot in there and it was to much money, I was starting to build my anxiety up, but I stuck it out and went ahead with going for at least a quick walk inside.

I was ok, not much there but I liked all the piglet’s and the horse.