Day 18

Paul had the day off to go to hospital this morning to see about his broken finger.

He was’nt long, we then went into town, got some shopping in, picked K up from school and took a walk over to what is known as “The bottomless Pit” I got stuck in the mud, the fields where terrible, but it was all fun.

Havent really done much else today, time has just flown by!

Picture is off Paul helping K across the mud!

Day 6

Been having a blonde day…coming home from taking K to school i ran off saying to Mista “1st one back makes cup’s of tea” then realised i meant the last one!

Went up town, then to see Mum, then shopping.

Got 2 recipes to try out “chicken and mushroom pie”, will do one tonight and the other another time and judge to see what one tasted better.

Mista has nights later, but on the 8 hour shift, so will be going to my dads about 9pm.
Not looking forward to it, but will survive, i can at least take K to school in the morning and walk home.

Free me from the Panic Monster

Picture is of my adventure yesterday, Mista was by the river taking picture’s and i thought i would be a silly bugger in the car-actually it looks pretty bloody scary!