Day 91

End of the Month.

Mista got his bank sorted out, hopefully his Ex will start realising he aint coming back!!!

I think the Kings’s lynn trip is still going ahead, I may have to leave K with my dad and N for a while. And I think we are going to follow my Mum down there!, Yeh it’s weird but if it work’s and get’s me there, It’s better than not trying!


day 90

Same kind of day, Walked home from being at Dad’s, did some housework,  went up the shop for some crisp’s, had 2 people come in to look at kitchen and for me to sign forms, They took note of boiler so fingers crossed I may get a new one.

Started a Tumblr.

Made some cheese scones.

Day 89

Been a boring day really, Housework, went for a bike ride on  my own , that was nice and very un-scary for me.

When Mista came home we went to Wisbech park, then to my mum’s.

Have had a spanner put in the work’s on my trip to KL.

I still really want to give it a try to may not get this opportunity again 😦

We’ll see what happens.

Day 88

Mista is at work, it’s a great day outside and i’m inside with nothing to do but boring housework!

I’m actually doing really well in my progress, have reached so many new villages.

Emneth hungate

Wisbech st Mary

Walpole highway

Walpole st Peter’s

Leverington Common



Got a trip to King’s Lynn this sunday, looking forward to it, if the weather stays like this “nice and sunny” I shall be fine.

Will be bricking it come sunday morning though and thinking to myself what have I let myself in for?

I’m at un-ease about getting K to her sister’s, it’s not fair on Mista but I don’t know how else to organize this 😦

I’d gladly take his anger for that time if he would swap with the anxiety I’m going to be feeling untill I’m safely back home!

Day 85

Umm what have i done today???  Nothing

K went out with her friend till about 2:30, Mista was out for the day.

I waited at my dad’s for him to come home.

I don’t think his ex is going to leave him alone, I’m aware they have to keep in touch cause of the kids, but to txt him all the time saying she loves him, telling him off cause he needs to  txt her more, talking to him like there still a couple,   it’s a tad annoying 😦

I trust his word though.

if she has to txt him saying she loves him etc etc then I just have to live with it.


Anyway moving on……..

Day 84

K’s 7th birthday today, A day I still remember so well.

Waking up in labour, telling the midwife and ambulance crew that I was not getting in the ambulance. My mum having to leave work and pick me up about 12pm, to take me to King’s Lynn, I hugged my pillow the whole way there, even the pain I was going through I still didn’t want to budge from my comfort zone, Absolutely  crapping myself about going to hospital.

I remember having de-realization at one point, I didn’t want pain relief cause i knew the injection i had with last 2 takes the edge of the pain away but you don’t half feel out of this world, and I didn’t want that feeling, eventually i had gas and air.

Anyway time flys so quickly, Have been to Kings lynn hospital a few times since then, so I’m sure I can make this trip to KL, Next sunday, I’m looking forward to it, but apprehensive as last time i was in KL town i was about 17years old.

Also went to a new place today along the Downham Market road and nearly made it to Nordelph.

I failed at March again though 😦


Day 82

Mista has a few hour’s before work today, we went to a few shop’s looking for running gear then decided to have a jog around the old canal route.

Was a nice walk/jog.

Won’t be doing much else I doubt, just picking K up at 3pm and then waiting at Dad’s till Mista comes home later tonight.

Day 81

Tried to go to March again, managed to get near the station, then we went to Guyhurn and I went in the sex shop, felt brave enough to try go further up the Lynn road, and we headed to Walpole st Andrew’s, I was nervous and lost as to where I was so we turned back to have a cup of Tea at home, then tried again, I got to the church but wasn’t comfortable enough to take a walk and look around.

But I think I am doing well in making my boundaries bigger.