Day 6

Been having a blonde day…coming home from taking K to school i ran off saying to Mista “1st one back makes cup’s of tea” then realised i meant the last one!

Went up town, then to see Mum, then shopping.

Got 2 recipes to try out “chicken and mushroom pie”, will do one tonight and the other another time and judge to see what one tasted better.

Mista has nights later, but on the 8 hour shift, so will be going to my dads about 9pm.
Not looking forward to it, but will survive, i can at least take K to school in the morning and walk home.

Free me from the Panic Monster

Picture is of my adventure yesterday, Mista was by the river taking picture’s and i thought i would be a silly bugger in the car-actually it looks pretty bloody scary!

New Year’s eve

This seems a good time to start recording my adventures with Mista

(My Prince Charming) Who I met on 5th september 2009

I’ve been a sufferer of panic attacks for many years, which lead to Agoraphobia at one point, where i ended up not leaving my small village for many years. I have no idea how i coped!

Never saw the doctor, dentist, shopping was done online, my kids got to go out with their grandparents sometimes, but it did feel horrible not to be able to go with them!

Anyway enough of the past, i’m a recovering agoraphobic, have met a wonderful man, and I’m currently seeing a cognitive behavior therapist which is helping me understand things more, and I’m being brave,with the help of Mista, and slowly coming out of my boundaries I’ve been so trapped in.