Day 32

It’s the start of a new month! Wonder what treats and tricks this one will hide??

From the looks of Mista’s shift’s I would say not much time for adventure, and lot’s of Night’s and Late’s for me to deal with! 😦

What I must do…..Live for the moment, make the most of the day, and smile cause I have a handsome Partner who loves me.

Having some issues with N, I don’t see why I should take her shit, and be reminded of how her dad treated me, she needs to be told, she gets a job or some sort of training else she’s out on the doorstep!

E came round for awhile, we walked up to Shell’s but she was out.

Havent done much else really, went shopping, Joined the 365 project, parted with Mista at 9pm for a night at Dad’s again, have not been looking forward to it, after being anxious last night.