Day 10

Slept reasonably well last night, My dad went to bed at 9pm, and the little one didn’t go to sleep till about 11pm, she was watching

“Family Guy” she likes that.

Came home after dropping K off at school, as the gas man is supposed to be turning up…4th time lucky! No sign off him yet.

Also missed a parcel from the post man, that will be my microphones Mista kindly brought me.

And also had to make an appointment for my new kitchen to be fitted, Looks like it will be 7th March and it takes about 8 days!

Got my Parcel when Mista woke up, and was on my singstar for about 5 hours!

didn’t do much for rest of day, just went shopping in Tesco’s and Rainbow.

Watched 2 films at night “The butterfly effect” and “Stir of echos”