Kings Lynn

Yesterday I finally reached Kings Lynn.

I had no intention’s of going, which in itself must have helped me get there. As I did’t have time to think about it.

We had gone to my normal step of over the river and round the roundabout, but this time instead of going home we went West Lynn to take a look at a church we spotted over there. I did feel nervous, but it was manageable.

Heading back home since I was calm inside I set myself a challenge off going back to the south gate and heading to the library, as I know there is a carpark near there thats near town.

Well we got to the carpark, and I agreed to take a walk into town, as I got further down the street it started to hit me how surreal this was, I was actually in Lynn, and I started getting Anxiety symptoms and the man singing was just to weird, anyway got smacked by the panic monster and marched partner down street back towards car, bloody scary, head was saying well that’s that you can’t do this again… 😦

But the anxiety subsided, it left me shook up but I stayed calm and managed to complete a circle of the town and end up back at the singing man and I WAS OK.

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