De-relization hit me today 😦 Havent had that since I would say in church on new years day. (As far as I remember anyway)

I hadn’t eaten all day, only 2 cups of tea.

So lazing around on sofa not being mobile, then I went upstairs to see the other half and well…..

going straight to the school, I did feel funny inside, I really don’t like this time of year it’s so dark and grey, at like 3pm.

Anyway I got in the school and it just hit me, I wanted to run, I moved away to the wall, and text my partner, who then rang me.

The feeling didnt last to long, its like all of a sudden you don’t exist, you’re a ghost,no one can see you, and inside something is trying to tell my body run, run away. And with the feeling I get a kind of fuzzy feeling around my heart.

So just recording that I had de-relization, I kept very calm, and did not run away, and successfully picked daughter up from school.


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