A great day

Yesterday I had an off day where I was really scared of going anywhere 😦 the panic monster really didn’t want me doing anything, but I came through and got to March and Downham Market.

Today we planned on going to Denver windmill that’s just near Downham market, and with the sun shining, I manged to get there.

I climbed up the ladder’s to nearly the last floor of the windmill. The other half lost his keys though when we got back to the car, I thought omg! how am I going to get home!! I managed to not panic remarkably and thought he was laid down on grass taking a photo and sure enough that’s where his keys where, if they hadn’t have been there then I would have fallen apart lol.

Next we headed into Downham town had a milkshake, and I agreed to go see a church in Bexwell.

That wasn’t as far as I thought it might have been, and was a great little church.

Afterwards we headed to Stow Bardolph as there is a farm here I would like to visit, even though it’s properly a tourist trap.

I panicked as we ended up on a busy main road, then I recognized a pub there, which is mad since I was like 15-16 yrs old when I went to this pub.

I stayed calm anyway, and before heading home tried the Kings Lynn roundabout again, and I think the next stage is to go a bit further across the river.

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