Day 78

It’s very sunny out today.

Had a long night, didn’t seem to be able to sleep and time seemed frozen, every time I looked at the time it was the same!!!

Anyway walked home with K about 9am, was a nice walk, I was a little apprehensive at first but tried to not let the panic bully get to me.

Have just sat down, after trying to get thing’s back into the kitchen, also waiting for the boiler man.


Took K to the pet shop in Leverington.

Day 76

Waited for the workman to turn up as thought someone was coming to do the kitchen floor today, but by 12pm still no one had shown.

So we decided to go out, went to Upwell or was it Outwell? I think i will always get confused as to what village is 1st, anyway went along to Downham road a little way.

Then we headed to My Mum’s, for a cup of Tea and a chat. Have asked about King’s Lynn again and we might be able to go next Sunday…I really hope I can, if someone can have K and also I might be able to get the “Jamie Oliver” cookbook while I’m there. That’s a good incentive for me 🙂

Went back to Walton Highway and this time Got right down School Road to West Walton’s church 🙂

Another village ticked off the list of places to go.

Was really happy to have made it here, Awesome church, we had a look inside as well, which was cool for it to be open.

I did get slight de-realization while standing in the church I guess just cause it’s new and it felt so weird to be there Finally.

Sat in Mc Donald’s as a treat.

Another good day.


Day 73

Not sure if i’m on a roll or the panic beast is hiding in defeat!

But Mista had a few hour’s before work, so we headed to “Wisbech St Mary” and this time I made it 🙂

I was alittle nervous of getting lost, But not to bad, and I actually enjoyed the visit.

Hoping on his day’s off to get some new places on my list.


Day 71

It’s been an ok day.

was at dad’s 6am till 8pm, so never really did much other than finish a book “The witch of Portobello” go shop several times, go rainbow with dad.

have seen a few places I would like to try visit, around the Wisbech area.

And I think I’m just going to have to set a date with my mum, saying can we go to kings Lynn this day, else it don’t look likely to happen.