Day 84

K’s 7th birthday today, A day I still remember so well.

Waking up in labour, telling the midwife and ambulance crew that I was not getting in the ambulance. My mum having to leave work and pick me up about 12pm, to take me to King’s Lynn, I hugged my pillow the whole way there, even the pain I was going through I still didn’t want to budge from my comfort zone, Absolutely  crapping myself about going to hospital.

I remember having de-realization at one point, I didn’t want pain relief cause i knew the injection i had with last 2 takes the edge of the pain away but you don’t half feel out of this world, and I didn’t want that feeling, eventually i had gas and air.

Anyway time flys so quickly, Have been to Kings lynn hospital a few times since then, so I’m sure I can make this trip to KL, Next sunday, I’m looking forward to it, but apprehensive as last time i was in KL town i was about 17years old.

Also went to a new place today along the Downham Market road and nearly made it to Nordelph.

I failed at March again though 😦


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