Day 17

Went to Dad’s this morning again at 6am, Took K to school, then sat in Dad’s living room, cup of T  in hand in silence as dad was still in bed, was thinking of things, events that has happened past few months, I txt  Ellie as she was due to come round, and she arrived about  9:30, we got dad up and he said he needed to go to the bank this morning so Ellie said oh we’ll come to town with you, we was going to take him in the 99p shop,

I didn’t really want to go and was doing my panic attack head, thinking of the trip etc, what happens if i panic, what happens if i go funny, I did my best to push it to the back of my head and thought so what if i do? I’m sure it will pass, i’m not going anywhere scary or unknown!

So i went, Dad made us laugh cause he kept saying how much is that, when we was in the 99p shop, didn’t seem to sink in “that Dad it’s all 99p”

I walked Belle about 1pm, she wanted to go out, wouldn’t stop barking, and refused the garden, so I took the risk that she can’t be more stronger then the rottweiler that i had years back.

Also Mista Txt to say he has broken his finger!!!

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