Day 7

Have had an awful night at my dad’s, just could not sleep. I’m aware that i’m more relaxed about spending the night over, i used to be so tense about it, i was laying on sofa last night just thinking “what is the difference being here, or staying at home”
I think i concluded that, i don’t want a repeat of the horrible panic attack i had one night, i felt so alone, it was horrible.
I still feel miles away from dad, and it’s not easy to retreat round there at stupid o’clock in the morning, and also the fact that i’m not comfy taking K to school from my house,at dads it’s just round the corner and i have no issues what so ever taking her.
Anyway…i took K to school this morning, and then walked home on my own in the rain, i never panicked, i need to do this more often to get used to the road.

Picked K up from school, I biked up there  had to wait awhile before she came out, so i kept my head busy by doing

5 things i see

5 things i hear

5 things i feel

seem to work ok

we walked back,  no panic’s just heart beating fast.

Cooked a new recipe I  found  ,Ginger fish with sesame rice:

Was a little plain, i would maybe do the fish again but serve it with salad or something.

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